U.S. dairy farmers, importers and businesses are working together to provide people with the nutritious dairy products they want, in a way that is improving the social, economic and environmental performance of the dairy industry, according to the recently released 2014 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report.
The report was put together by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, which is led by dairy farmers across the country. Along with the report, the Innovation Center released an interactive graphic that shows what’s being done and the positive impact it’s having on the environment.
In 2014, partnerships, knowledge sharing and actions from farm to table to community addressed the complex interconnections among food production, nutrition and health, economics and the environment.

 “Dairy’s commitment underscores the vital role of milk and dairy foods within a global food system that supports healthy people and healthy communities,” said Tom Gallagher, CEO of the Innovation Center and Dairy Management Inc. “Today, the U.S. dairy industry is playing a leading role in building a sustainable food system, sharing our learning and experiences in a way that can be used by dairy farmers and others in agriculture around the world.”
The 2014 Sustainability Report references specific actions being taken by more than 100 U.S. dairy farms, businesses and partnerships. Dairy farmers in all 50 states are continuously innovating to meet the unique environmental and social challenges in their region. Since 1944, milk production has quadrupled, but the industry uses 90 percent less cropland, consumes 65 percent less water and emits 63 percent fewer greenhouse gases.
The complete report can be read here.


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