SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Cover crops, conservation tillage and water quality testing are some of the latest farming buzzwords and they are catching on for good reason. These activities can potentially improve yields and economic return for Illinois farmers, while reaping substantial environmental benefits in the process.
Farmers are invited to attend a tour on Nov. 6 of several locations in the Lake Springfield watershed for demonstrations of tools to help improve soil health and water quality. Tour stops will feature cover crops, bioreactors and several field plots. The event is hosted by the Soil Health Partnership and the Illinois Council on Best Management Practices.
The tour begins at Lincoln Land Community College at 9 a.m. Later in the morning, busses will take participants to the farms of Dave Moose and Tim Seifert, and to the United States Geological Services Monitoring Site for a Watershed Management program update. The event ends at 2:45 p.m.
The field tour will demonstrate how a combination of practices can create lasting environmental benefits while possibly increasing farm productivity and income. The day’s activities will include:
  • Field walks
  • Water quality monitoring equipment demonstrations
  • Education on bioreactors
  • Agricultural watershed management programs
  • Discussions on practical means to improve soil health and water quality
An initiative of the National Corn Growers Association, the Soil Health Partnership works closely with diverse organizations including commodity groups, industry, foundations, federal agencies, universities and well-known environmental groups toward common goals.
Please register by contacting Lyndsey Ramsey at (309) 557-3279 or Lunch will be served.


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