EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State University Extension has long been a source of information and education for Michigan residents. Along with MSU AgBioResearch scientists, Extension professionals throughout the state are asking Michigan residents to help them determine where they should place their emphasis in the future. 
“This organization belongs to the people we serve,” said Ray Hammerschmidt, MSU Extension interim director. “We want to make sure that we are meeting their needs throughout the state by sharing research and education that will make a difference to them, their communities, their families, their business and their farms.”
MSU Extension has launched an online survey asking all Michigan residents about their needs and priorities. The MSU Extension and AgBioResearch Survey to Sharpen Our Focus online survey that will supplement 14 upcoming face-to-face meetings throughout the state that will engage nearly 500 residents.
“We have designed a series of meetings that will bring together people from all over,” said Maggie Bethel, the former MSUExtension director who is charged with overseeing the process. “But it is important that we don’t limit ourselves to the people we see in person. The online survey gives everyone a chance to participate in the process.”
To participate, access the survey from the front page of by visiting All information collected is anonymous.


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