A biodigester at Rosendale Dairy in Fond du Lac County was named Biogas Project of the Year by the American Biogas Council for its use of manure at Wisconsin’s largest dairy to provide clean electricity, hat, organic soil amendments and student hands-on learning opportunities.
Through a public-private partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, the UW-Oshkosh Foundatoin, Rosendale Dairy, Milk Source and BIOFerm Energy Systems/Viessmann Group, manure from the dairy’s 8,500 cows generates 1.42MW of electricity through on-site anaerobic digestion. Around 1,100 U.S. homes are powered annually by this renewable energy production, which additionally offsets the release of about 44,600 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

“Universities are and should be in the research and development business and now you can see the fruits of our labor,” said Thomas Sonnleitner, UW-Oshkosh’s vice chancellor for administrative services.
At Rosendale, manure is processed inside two of BIOFerm’s complete-mix COCCUS tanks after it has undergone sand separation. The biogas created from the anaerobic digestion process is combusted inside a combined heat and power unit. It is then sold to Alliant Energy and works towards reducing the university’s carbon footprint.
The Rosendale biodigester has maintained a 95 percent uptime for the year and produced an average of 133,743 kW since June.
To learn more about the biodigester, please read this story Midwest Agriculture Almanac did on it earlier this year.


05/12/2016 8:30am

Much of the developmental work with biodigesters has been approached from the engineering viewpoint with emphasis on design and construction with the aim of maximizing gas production and efficiency of conversion of feedstock to biogas. There has been very little change in the basic designs of the floating canopy (as developed in India) and liquid displacement (developed in China) systems. The relatively high cost and need for skilled artisans in their construction have been major constraints to widespread adoption, which has had to be supported by subsidies from Government or Aid Agencies.But here you are and your plan for biodigester is simply awesome. As a supporter of sustainable energy conserver I salute to you.I work in a company named gaslicht.com, they also encourage in these kind of things.


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