The American Dairy Coalition, which serves as the voice of the nation’s progressive, modern farmers, recently held a two-day event on Capitol Hill focusing on new immigration reform.
On March 22-23, members met with officials to discuss a new policy in which the federal government would approve a process for states to issue visas to help secure a reliable workforce for the industry. Dairy, livestock and agriculture producers face labor shortages as they stuggle to fill well-paying positions that seemingly only appeal to foreign workers. Without the certainty of a reliable and stable workforce, the industry cannot continue to grow at the rate it needs to keep up with the world’s growing population.
The American Dairy Coalition provided an opportunity for dairy producers to meet dignitaries and explain why the federally approved State-Based Visa Program will assist employers as they seek out dependable labor and provide certainty for positions already filled by hardworking, law abiding foreigners. 
Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss the program with Alex Nowrasteh of Cato Institute who offered their critiques of the plan, which greatly helps ADC leaders as they continue to finalize the verbiage of the new policy.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus also met with ADC members for a question and answer session to discuss the current state of the Republican party and the upcoming presidential primaries. They also met with Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, who is the current chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, and Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., who formerly held the ag committee chairman spot.
ADC members also had private meetings with members of Congress and/or their staff.
The ADC is the united voice for American dairy, livestock and agricultural producers and their supply chain. For more information, visit its website at www.americandairycoalition.org.



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