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ANTIGO, Wis. -- Members of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) work every day to preserve and protect Wisconsin’s water. Over the next few months, growers will be presenting factual, scientific information to local governmental bodies throughout Central Wisconsin in order to keep environmental discussions focused on science and facts.
“WPVGA members are environmental stewards who are committed to working with our neighbors to advance sound, science-based policies that protect Wisconsin’s groundwater,” said WPVGA Executive Director Tamas Houlihan. “We welcome opportunities to develop and promote responsible water use practices that will protect the groundwater aquifer of the Central Sands and its associated streams, lakes and wetlands.”
The WPVGA has compiled a High Capacity Well Fact Book of relevant scientific research that focuses on the actual impact irrigated agriculture has on the aquifer and surface water in areas like the Central Sands region of Wisconsin. This fact book is the basis for their member-given presentations which will take place over the next few months before county boards in Portage, Marquette, Wood, Waushara, Adams and Waupaca counties.
“The fact is, studies show irrigated agriculture returns more water to the stream flow than non-irrigated agriculture or non-crop landscapes,” Houlihan said. “We remain committed to finding science-based solutions to preserve and protect this precious resource and we support efforts that focus on facts, not rhetoric.”
A copy of the Fact Book can be downloaded at WisconsinWaterFacts.com.



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