By Katie Migliazzo

How many people does it take to picture a cow? LOTS! Here's a view inside the photo booth at World Dairy Expo where exhibitors can take their cattle to be pictured by Cybil Fisher and her team. The cows require very little preparation because they are normally waking right out of the show ring. They walk onto platforms and in front of the backdrop and the crew hand places each leg for the perfect picture. Who's got the best job on the crew? The guy holding a stuffed cow on a stick! It was the trick of choice to get her ears perked up and smiling for the camera. Not to mention the noise making required for that job. It's not unusual to hear them "baaing" like a goat! Check out Milksource Durham Giggle in front of the paparazzi!  #WDE50 #CAdairygirl 



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